Our Mission

Making robots commonplace 

Carbon Origins is a venture-backed Robotics and Virtual Reality company on a mission to “Make Robots Commonplace” and, in the process, unlock a world where 100% of humanity can focus on whatever we want while the robots take care of the rest. We believe that people’s lives and attention are better spent on the things robots can’t do. We are upscaling human labor by augmenting the frontline workforce with human-assisted robotic systems trained by our metaverse workforce.

We are innovating at the bleeding edge of the fast emerging urban robotics and metaverse industries. In the past, we have developed a variety of groundbreaking deep-tech projects, interstellar instruments including the NASA Mars Perseverance rover, Europa lander, and CYGNSS satellite constellation, consumer products like The VOID VR full-body motion capture haptic suits and gloves, AlphaLux Augmented Reality glasses, IOT smart home sensors for Vivecam, and more. We have assembled a rockstar team of entrepreneurs and developers with diverse backgrounds to build the world’s largest and most sustainable network of robots.


Meet Our Team 



Amogha Krishna Srirangarajan

CEO / President & Founder

At Carbon Origins, I get to work at the intersection of Robotics and Virtual Reality. We’re Making Robots Commonplace to make work more meaningful for all. We will forever change how we work, play, and love.


Jaimie Hadden

Chief Brand Officer & Co-founder

I care about people and robots coexisting and working together harmoniously. Carbon Origins is my way of making a lasting difference in our world. Alone I can make a ripple; together, we can make a huge wave.


Peter Dixon

Chief Engineer & Co-founder

Carbon Origins is changing the way we think about robotics. Robots are a physical extension of the human mind and using them on earth teaches us how we can effectively use them for human space exploration.


Chaya Venkatakrishnaiah

Managing Director / VP & Co-founder

The amazing team at Carbon Origins is developing technologies to safeguard human life and our precious planet. We’re vitalizing logistics, revolutionizing the Job market, and rationalizing customer delight.


Eddie Massey III

Chief Roboticist & Co-founder

Carbon Origins is all about building the technologies of the future. The future needs bleeding-edge innovation and brilliant minds like the Carbon Origins team. Come join us on this groundbreaking adventure!


Meredith Englund


Battery-operated robotics will be a critical part of transitioning away from fossil fuels and towards a more circular and sustainable economy, which is at the heart of our long-term vision at Carbon Origins.


Aditya Rengaswamy


Ideas are only valuable when executed well. At Carbon Origins we have developed technologies and products to back our bold claims. This is a team to watch out for in the Virtual Reality and Robotics space.


Aziz Mufarreh

Lead XR Engineer

My lifelong passion for Virtual Reality and the drive to define the future are intersecting at Carbon Origins. We’re building humanity’s future in Virtual Reality, and augmenting our workforce with robotics.


Ben Garfield

XR Developer

I believe that Virtual and Augmented Reality will influence how we work in the future. At carbon Origins, I get to build the workplace of the future and guide humanity through the next revolution in computing.


William Rook

Robotics Engineer

At Carbon Origins I get to work on my true passion. It is an awesome work environment and it constantly presents me with brand new challenges. It is incredible when your hobbies and passions become your work.


Bailey Veeder

Robotics Engineer

Robots are awesome and I’ve always loved them! Carbon Origins has given me the opportunity to use my ingenuity to the fullest in creating the next generation of robots. Here I satiate my hunger for innovation.


Rahman Mufarrah

App developer

There is nothing more enjoyable than Being part of building the future. Carbon Origins has set the grounds for a bright future. I am excited to be part of a team that has a mission of making lives better.


Jose Mendoza Carrasco

Software Engineer

Carbon Origins’ mission and vision dovetail with my goals. Making robots commonplace will be an incredible adventure. I love the technologies we are developing, we are going to change billions of lives.


Amber Daley

VR Associate / Skipster

The opportunity to cultivate and grow a community of users, and help shape this amazing work-in-VR environment is what drew me to Carbon Origins. I love working with this incredibly smart and dedicated team

Lungz B

Brandon Fako

VR Associate / Skipster

Making robots commonplace, working from home in VR, opportunity after opportunity awaits. From the very first moment I learned about Carbon Origins, Skippy, and the metaverse- it’s felt like home to me.


Michelle Deborah Weisblat-Dane

VR Associate / Skipster

At Carbon Origins, I get to pioneer the future of work from home. Skippy gives disabled people an incredible opportunity to feel useful again by allowing them to be a productive part of a working society.


Reeanna H.

XR Engineer

Carbon Origins with the power of Virtual Reality is changing the future. I’m excited to be part of the team leading the industry that allows me to follow my passion in VR and provides great opportunities


Paco Sheeran

Robotics Engineer Intern

At Carbon Origins I am constantly learning new skills that I get to implement immediately. I love seeing the results of my hard work and want to build robots that help people and make our world a better place.


Matt Rabin

Robotics Engineer Intern

A world where robots are commonplace is in our very near future. At Carbon Origins I get to be a part of creating the future of work and augmenting dangerous, repetitive jobs with human-assisted robots.


Razan I. Omer

Robotics Engineer Intern

I love Virtual Reality and robotics- It’s the future. Naturally, I am very thrilled to be working at a company like Carbon Origins which is tackling both Robotics and VR with an exceptionally talented team.



Chief Fun Officer

Carbon Origins is super cool. I want to make a Skippy remote control robot toy and a giant Skippy Plushie doll with an opening payload. Robots are awesome! My team is great. Carbon Origins will never give up.

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