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How it works

Customers visit us at to find a delicious local meal. They find your restaurant, browse your menu, and place an order.

You accept the order using a tablet we provide or by integrating with your POS system.

Skippy drives along sidewalks to come pick up the order, and we alert you when he arrives.

You come outside and place the order into Skippy’s insulated container.

Skippy drives the order to the customer and texts when he arrives.
Easy peezy Skippy breezy!

Supportive staff

Delighted customers

Simple set-up

Set-up was quick and easy. The Skippy team took care of uploading the menu themselves. I was able to set up my payments in less than ten minutes. Then Jaimie came by with our tablet and showed my staff how to use it while we got our first order!

Owner of SIP Coffeebar

Happy customers

We love Skippy - they're really looking to make food delivery better for everyone

customers, food delivery workers, and restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We charge 15% commission on every order. This includes credit card processing fees. There are no startup fees, and we provide a tablet for you to receive orders. If you would like to integrate your POS system, there is an additional charge depending on your system.

We do not mark up restaurant prices. The customer sees the same prices you have on-site. They pay a 15% service fee that is clearly marked on their receipt.

Most food delivery services use cars, which emit carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. Skippy is battery-powered, and the electricity used to charge Skippy’s battery is cleaner than the gas burned to power delivery vehicles.

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